“Tag” portable valuables and post warning signs

“Title” portable valuables on free database

Thieves avoid “hot“ items that are tagged and titled

Serial numbers help law enforcement solve crimes

Lets Good Samaritans return found items

An extra layer of security for your property

Protects individuals, families and small businesses

Great for active duty military and frequent fliers

A personal property security system and lost & found

renders your valuables nearly useless to a thief for resale

Recorded serial numbers make property too “hot” to handle

Starting at $30, in sets of 10, 20, 50 and 100 I.D. tags



How you are protected

The simple act of tagging property, registering serial numbers and posting warning signs renders your valuables nearly useless to a thief for resale. You are protected by a patent-pending, web-enabled, decades-old, police-endorsed strategy, designed to safeguard homes, vehicles, sheds, outbuildings, trailers and small businesses from break-ins. It also protects the items you own that have serial numbers, such as:

  • Cell phones, tablets, laptops, game systems, TVs
  • PCs, auxiliary hard drives, servers, printers, POSs
  • Handheld power tools such as saws and drills
  • Larger power tools such as table saws and power washers
  • Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, chainsaws

Four of many scenarios

  • Worst-Case Scenario: Even if the ID tags are removed, when you file a police report, it’s the printout of the serial numbers on your privacy-protected database that get entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
  • Lost & Found: To protect your privacy, our system reveals nothing about you. If you lose a piece of property with an ID tag, a Good Samaritan can alert you through our FOUND page, but they learn nothing about you unless you contact them.
  • Prevention: Burglars are much less likely to steal property if warning signs are posted and items are tagged and titled like we all automatically do with motor vehicles.
  • First Responder: If a law enforcement professional catches a thief red-handed with the ID tag affixed, the FOUND page can be an instantaneous tool to justify an arrest.

What comes in your security kit*

  • Pre-activated**, commercial-grade ID tags to adhere to valuables
  • Warning signs for buildings, vehicles and large portable equipment
  • A free database to record the make, model and serial numbers for the police
  • A free privacy-protected system for recovering lost or stolen items

How you install it

  • Adhere ID tags near the serial numbers of your items
  • Record serial numbers on your secure database
  • Post warning signs on doors, windows and vehicles
  • As backup, print out a hard copy for your records

*A strategy recommended by law enforcement professionals

You know how universities and libraries have ID tags on the back of every piece of equipment they own? Governments, militaries, hospitals and corporations use this same approach. Through the power of the internet, we’ve shrunk it down for you. The strategy, among other things, reduces burglaries and thefts, and also acts as a lost & found. It is a system that dates back over 50 years that combines enterprise asset management with a currently recommended law enforcement strategy called Operation Identification. We’ve just made it easy and online.

**A pre-activated security system

Our product is a pre-activated security system for portable electronics and power tools. The unique numbers assigned to you are uploaded to your account the instant you place your order. Your security kit arrives in an envelope with those same numbers embedded in industrial-strength ID tags that are ready for immediate application. The system works without electronics or moving parts, but is tied to the internet for added features. This seemingly inconsequential advancement in the state-of-the-art has inspired us to file a provisional patent application.

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“If a potential burglar sees that we have an identity system in place, he/she will undoubtedly move on. It’s a fraction of the cost of a burglar alarm system and much less annoying.”

Facebook review 10/3/17

“The labels were easy to order, arrived in just a couple of days, and come in a variety of sizes to fit different items, but what I like best about the product is how easy it is to enter identifying information about the tagged items on the website.”

Facebook review 8/18/17

“Amazing company, excellent customer service, brilliant idea! 5 stars.”

Facebook review 8/11/17

“My ID tags arrived very quickly and worked just as described. I feel safer already.”

Facebook review 4/10/17

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