Security system, lost & found and cloud-based inventory

Designed for renters, homeowners, students and small businesses

$29.95 one-time flat fee

No monthly charges. No hidden fees.
No shipping charges. No kidding!
It’s a way to aid the police. is a security system similar to what the police recommend. It is a global lost-and-found, burglary deterrent and property identification registry all rolled into one. It combines large-scale, corporate anti-theft strategies with something called Operation Identification. Op-ID is endorsed by the FBI, local police, county sheriffs and United State Dept of Justice. Here is a printable fact sheet.

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Reliable low-cost d.i.y. security system

Works and ships globally for free

Register serial numbers and tag property

I.D. tags arrive in mail tied to your account

Based on “Operation Identification”

Deters thieves with warning signs

Thieves avoid registered and marked items

Helps police recover stolen property

Low tech works without electricity

Good Samaritans can return found items

Accessible globally 24/7 through the internet

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