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You can call it what you wish. A low-cost, affordable or cheap security system or cheap home security. Whatever you call it, MyPropertyID will last longer, perform better and cost the least amount of money over the long haul.

How do you install the strategy?

  • Adhere ID labels near the serial numbers of your items
  • Record serial numbers on your secure database
  • Post warning signs on doors, windows and vehicles
  • As backup, print out a hard copy for your records

How is your property protected?

If you are ever the victim of burglary or theft, the police can only help if you can give them the serial numbers of the stolen items. The police enter those serial numbers into the FBI’s global databases, dramatically constricting resale and tying a piece of stolen property to a thief when they are caught. The simple act of registering serial numbers, labeling property and posting warning signs, renders your valuables nearly useless to a thief for resale. It’s designed for:

  • Cell phones, tablets, laptops, game systems, TVs
  • PCs, auxiliary hard drives, servers, printers, POSs
  • Handheld power tools such as saws and drills
  • Bicycles, mopeds and scooters
  • Larger power tools such as table saws and power washers
  • Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, chainsaws

What comes in your security kit?

  • A private database to record the make, model and serial numbers
  • Pre-activated, commercial-grade ID labels to adhere to valuables
  • A set of warning signs for buildings, vehicles and large equipment
  • A free privacy-protected system for recovering lost or stolen items

How our strategy works as a lost & found?

A Good Samaritan enters your ID tag number on our FOUND page. Because your privacy is protected by our secure database, our system will alert you by email that a person has found your lost or stolen item, but this process tells the sender nothing about you. This gives you options and keeps you in control.

How you are personally protected?

  • Worst-Case Scenario: Even if the ID labels are removed, when you file a police report, it’s the printout of the serial numbers on your privacy-protected database that get entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
  • Lost & Found: To protect your privacy, our system reveals nothing about you. If you lose a labeled piece of property, a Good Samaritan can alert you through our FOUND page, but they learn nothing about you unless you contact them.
  • Prevention: Burglars are much less likely to steal property if warning signs are posted and items are labeled and recorded like we all automatically do with motor vehicles.
  • First Officer On the Scene: If a law enforcement professional catches a thief red-handed with the ID labels affixed, the FOUND page can be an instantaneous tool to justify an arrest.

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