The following link is a one-page training module for law enforcement professionals.
Operation ID Training Module

My Property ID Registry is registered as a commercial and government entity (CAGE 8C6M3) with the U.S. government’s System for Award Management (SAM). We also keep a public record on file of our SAM capability statement. We are a member of the Asset Leadership Network, a Washington D.C. trade association and think tank; a member of the National Property Management Association, a professional association for matériel managers; and a member of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing. We are also members of the Florida Crime Prevention Association, the California Crime Prevention Officers’ Association and the Ohio Crime Prevention Association




My Property ID Registry is the global state of the art of a police-developed, crime-prevention strategy called Operation Identification. According to extensive research and millions in taxpayer expenditures, it cannot be called Operation ID unless:

  1. Property is marked with a universal identifier which acts as a lost & found
  2. The make, model and serial numbers are recorded in the event of a crime
  3. Warning signs are posted on doors and windows which deters criminals


My Property ID Registry is a U.S. company based in Des Moines, Iowa. The business taps into the strong Midwestern values Iowans proudly represent. Nearly every contracting company is Iowa based. The conception, development, launch and ongoing operation of My Property ID Registry depends on these businesses. All of the people involved contributed their hard work, dedication, integrity and thoughtfulness to this project. My Property ID Registry thanks them and is proud to be a part of a great tradition. Made in the U.S.A.

About the developer

Jon Shelness is a subject-matter expert on Operation Identification. Operation ID is a Justice Department researched and FBI endorsed security system for deterring burglaries, tracing property and convicting criminals.

Jon has lived in central Iowa for over 30 years but grew up in the rural outskirts of New York City in Lewisboro, N.Y., and graduated from high school in Davis, California.

In Iowa, Jon initially worked in the printing industry, and as a photographer and writer. In later years, he worked with at-risk youth and juvenile offenders.

Taking graduate classes in criminal justice and public administration, a number of insights took him in a new direction. He became a board member of his local neighborhood association in Des Moines, began studying crime-prevention strategies, and enhanced Operation ID for the digital age by developing My Property ID Registry.

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