Cheap home security usually comes at a price. As a cheap security system, MyPropertyID has the competition beat. Not only will our strategy outlast the competition, it is always enabled—never needing to be turned on or off. And it will last for the life of the valuables it is used on.

Police Accepted

Are you going to argue with the Boy Scouts? We hope not. How about Law Enforcement Explorers? In each case, instruction books going back decades contain the steps for implementing Operation ID—the precursor to MyPropertyID. For 55 years, law enforcement agencies have been endorsing Operation ID. It’s a proven strategy that works to deter, arrest and convict criminals. MyPropertyID takes it to the next level

Alarm Systems

In many cities and towns, law enforcement agencies require citizens to get a permit to install alarm systems. These permits require citizens to take a class and pay a fee. Why?

According to Houston’s Harris County Sheriff, “Firefighters and Paramedics respond to thousands of false alarm calls every year. These unnecessary responses result in an enormous burden in resources and expense; which in turn reduces emergency unit availability to respond to real emergencies.”

Security Cameras

Security cameras are great for alerting you if there is activity on your property. You never know, law enforcement professionals might recognize the person in the video, leading to an arrest. The problem with security camera footage is that it does not hold up well in court. In other words, no conviction.

Home and Away

MyPropertyID needs no electricity or fragile electronics to function. It is a highly durable and robust strategy that works during power outages and severe storms. It protects your property when you are forced to evacuate or just going on vacation. Not only that, MyPropertyID works on the items you take with you, protecting them in the same way.


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