Recovering lost luggage is so simple to do if you take a few steps in advance. To start, is it really wise to put your name, address, phone and email on your luggage tag? In the age of the internet, a better solution is available.

Globally Unique Identifier

There is a simple, internet-based alternative that makes returning your valuables easy and online. My Property ID Registry provides a globally unique identifier that protects your identity while allowing the finder of your baggage to conveniently trace it back to you via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Being Proactive

Think of all the preparations you make before departing on a trip. Adding the My Property ID Registry security system to your to-do list can really make a difference. Good Samaritans and the authorities really do want to return lost property. Make it as easy and convenient as possible by ordering and implementing the My Property ID Registry security system today.

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