An old idea as new again —

Our product dusts off a very old crime prevention tool that the police have been urging citizens to utilize since the late 1970s. If you do a web search for Operation Identification, you’ll get thousands of hits that include virtually every law enforcement agency in the United States. It is a research-based, tried-and-true approach which is free to anybody, yet rarely used. As an entrepreneur with a criminal justice background, the goal of MyPropertyID is to streamline the Operation Identification process by making it easy and online. We also want to make it affordable. There is just a one-time, up-front charge with no monthly fees. No kidding!

When it comes to residential and small business security, everyone has a role to play. So we’re suggesting that you educate yourselves about the police-endorsed Operation ID strategy.

  1. Property is marked with a unique identification number which acts as a lost and found.
  2. The make, model and serial numbers are recorded which are used by the police.
  3. Warning signs are posted on doors and windows which are designed to deter criminals.
Three tools in one

When we migrated the Operation Identification concept to the web, we realized we actually had three useful tools built into one platform.

1). Our product offers a simple way for the Good Samaritans in this world to reunite you with lost property. Every item you tag has a unique number that is tied to your account. Our website will allow Good Samaritans to safely and securely contact you with an item’s location.

2). Our product is a miniaturized asset management system for singles, families, kids, college students and small businesses. Corporations, hospitals, universities and governments all have entire departments dedicated to asset management. We have miniaturized the system and made it available to everyone.

3). Our product modernizes the Operation Identification concept. If you are ever burglarized, the police will ask if your property is uniquely marked and if you have a record of the serial numbers. By placing the warning signs on the exterior of your property, applying commercial-grade ID tags to portable valuables, and recording those serial numbers on our cloud-based database, you are assisting the police.

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