Developing new skills —

Teaching toddlers to hold on to their stuff is an important lesson. Sure we live in a disposable age, but how many toy trucks, sippy cups and crayons are we willing to let our little kids throw away? Lil’ Sidekick has just the thing for you. But what about our preteens and teens who are carrying mobile devices that might be worth 100 times the cost of a sippy cup?

Teaching kids to keep track of their belongings

Don’t you wish you could tether your teen’s smartphone to your older children? Good luck with that! Here’s the next best thing. It’s a $3 tether tied to the web. You get a set of ten, nearly indestructible, uniquely numbered tags for $29.95 with no monthly fees. That’s an incredible value for potentially recovering something so expensive. Are your kids or grand kids going to college? Tether their stuff too with a kit from My Property ID Registry.

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