Low-tech has its place —

Many people ask how my system repels criminals? There are no screaming sirens or live video feeds. There are no electronics or operators standing by. So, how? Long before the internet existed, the police recommended Operation Identification—the recording of serial numbers on a sheet of paper and the etching of a driver’s license number into valuables. The police still recommend this old-school strategy because alarms and cameras have a limited effect on getting convictions.

Help the police help you

Our system is a great way for citizens to get involved and help the police. Being caught with recorded and marked property, where the serial numbers can be conveniently traced to the owner, will put a bad guy behind bars. Even with alarms and cameras, once your property is out the door, it is difficult to get a conviction. That’s why criminals and fences hate handling recorded and marked property. My Property ID Registry is a modernization of the Operation Identification strategy with the added bonus of being globally accessible and utilizing the help of Good Samaritans to reunite you with lost or stolen property.

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