Police still urge the use of Operation Identification —

For decades, the police have been urging citizens to embrace Operation Identification to no avail. Without it, the police have tremendous difficulties in solving burglaries and thefts on two fronts: The first is that thefts and burglaries are low-level crimes for the police. It’s not that they can’t be bothered, but they have bigger issues to deal with in a dangerous world. There is also the matter of citizen participation. Citizens’ focus is elsewhere. It is thought that half of burglaries go unreported. This disconnect between the police-community partnership gives criminals higher odds of avoiding apprehension and conviction.

Our system migrates Operation Identification to the web

My Property ID Registry is a modernized version of the police-endorsed Operation Identification (OpID) strategy. My property ID Registry (OpID meets the internet) is a way for the police and citizens to meet in the middle. My Property ID Registry makes it easier for the police to catch criminals red handed and to solve crimes by making serial numbers and ID tags easier to transfer to a national law enforcement database at the NCIC. My Property ID Registry makes it easier for citizens to deter burglaries and record serial numbers. The efficacy of OpID has been proven over and over again. The difficulty has been getting widespread buy-in from the police-community partnership. The goal of My Property ID Registry is to make the partnership succeed.

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