Operation Identification —

The original concept underlying MyPropertyID is Operation Identification. Operation ID is simple: etch a unique mark in your property, record the serial numbers on a piece of paper, and place warning signs on doors and windows to deter thieves. With it being the 21st century, there are a couple of problems with this approach. In the past, it was recommended that you etch a unique number traceable back to you: a driver’s license number or a Social Security number. Neither is recommended today because of identity theft concerns.

Privacy-protected lost and found

MyPropertyID solves this security issue by providing each customer 10 uniquely numbered, commercial-grade ID tags that tie your property to your contact information in a secure and anonymous way. If an item is lost and then found, or recovered by the police, your identity is secure. The finder will enter your unique number on our website, and you will receive a privacy-protected message sent to the email on your account. This email tells the sender absolutely nothing about you. You are under no obligation to respond. It gives you full control without jeopardizing your safety and security. In addition, a copy of all of the sender’s information is reviewed by the MyPropertyID security team.

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