In common parlance, assets are often thought of as money; property is often thought of as real estate. But assets and property have another meaning that has to do with all the stuff large institutions, small businesses and homeowners own.

Being Published in “Property Professional”

My peers at the NPMA feel that my article was worth publishing because I have improved Operation Identification which was invented by the police in 1963 as a simple way for individuals to mark property, record serial numbers and warn would-be thieves. I’ve figured out how to take Operation Identification and combine it with state-of-the-art, asset management technologies used by large institutions. (Page 22)

National Property Management Association

The National Property Management Association (NPMA) is a group of over 3400 professionals “who are responsible for the effective and efficient management of equipment, materials, and other movable and durable assets for their organization.” This is the big time as most members work for defense contractors or the government agencies overseeing them.

What is “matériel”

According to Merriam-Webster, matériel is “equipment, apparatus, and supplies used by an organization or institution.” Just like like corporations, defense contractors, government agencies, hospitals and universities have to keep track of all the stuff they own, at MyPropertyID, we are concerned about the valuable matériel you use in your home, on the road and at work.ériel

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