If your asset tag number isn’t part of a state-of-the-art, uniform equipment marking system (UEMS), consisting of a globally unique identification number (UIN), tied to a uniform identification system (UIS), you are out of compliance with FAR 52.245-1(f )(1)(ii), DFARS 252.245-7001(b), NFS 1852.245–74(b) and NFS 1852.245–74(c)(2), and DFARS Case 2015-D035 VI.

FAR 52.245-1(f)(1)(ii)

Identify as Government owned in a manner appropriate to the type of property (e.g., stamp, tag, mark, or other identification), and manage any discrepancies incident to shipment.

DFARS 252.245-7001(b)

The Contractor shall tag, label, or mark Government-furnished property items identified in the contract as subject to serialized item management (serially-managed items).

NFS 1852.245–74(b)

Equipment shall be marked in a location that will be human readable, without disassembly or movement of the equipment, when the items are placed in service unless such placement would have a deleterious effect on safety or on the item’s operation.

NFS 1852.245–74(c)(2)

(c) Concurrent with equipment delivery or transfer, the Contractor shall provide the following data in an electronic spreadsheet format (2) Unique Identification Number (License Tag)

DFARS Case 2015-D035 VI

…the acquisition cost of individual items of firearms, body armor, night-vision equipment, computers, or cryptologic devices may be below the [simplified acquisition threshold], but the accountability requirements for these items are fairly stringent. Omission of the Government property clause in purchase orders for repairs of these types of items increases the risk of misuse or loss of the property and could call into dispute their ownership.

The objective of this rule is to strengthen the management and accountability of GFP. This rule proposes to amend DFARS 245.107 by requiring that FAR clause 52.245–1, Government Property, be incorporated in all DoD purchase orders involving repair, maintenance, overhaul, or modification of Government property, regardless of the unit acquisition cost of the Government property to be repaired.

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