Any printing company that prints a random organization’s name, and a series of numbers, on an asset tag is not a competitor of MyPropertyID. …not even close!!!

We’ve left those companies in the dust

Let’s say you had a piece of sheet metal the shape of a license plate and painted a number on it and put it on the back of your car? (Which does happen. LOL!)

That’s what asset tag companies are doing. They are not creating a backend registry. They just print a company name and some numbers on tags and mail them off. It’s up to the recipient of the tags to create a spreadsheet to keep track of what they put the tags on.

We are a licence plate for your stuff

Our true competitors are the manufacturers of security cameras, alarm systems and video doorbells. All of which are fragile electronics that cost lots of money and don’t give law enforcement professionals the information they need to solve crimes and convict criminals.

MyPropertyID is rugged and provides law enforcement professionals with what they need—a record of the make, model and serial numbers—at a fraction of the cost of expensive security systems.

Here’s what a police consultant wrote

“I see [MyPropertyID] as someone finally centralizing the many theft recovery programs that are scattered across the nation over the years. So many [law enforcement] agencies have some sort of tracking or theft recovery program but it’s selective in the type of property and during hard times, it’s one of the first programs to disappear during budget cuts. Glad to see it’s being taken as a focal point.” Delwin Lampkin

We are a privacy-protected, D.I.Y. property licensing service

MyPropertyID is a completely self-contained strategy like the license plate service 3M provides nations, states, provinces and territories around the globe. With one big difference: we are a privacy-protected service that the police can’t access. Your account belongs to you.

Take a look at the video here.
…and here.

MyPropertyID issues asset tags—akin to license plates—for all the other property you own with serial numbers.

A simple DIY

Go to the MyPropertyID website and order your kit. Here are prices and quantities.

As soon as you submit your order, asset tag numbers are assigned to you and uploaded to your privacy-protected, global database. Those numbers then arrive in the mail, embedded in rugged, commercial grade tags. You apply each tag near the serial number of your property and upload the make, model and serial number of that item to the MyPropertyID database. Finally, post warning signs on doors and windows.

That’s it. That simple.


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