Guest blog by Thomas Raulen, law enforcement professional.*

When you hear the term, security system, what comes to mind? For many, it is what used to simply be called a burglar alarm. Through the use of door and window sensors or motion detection, unauthorized entry into a home triggers an audible siren. While an alarm can play a role in home safety, it is not a stand-alone method for protecting your property.

More recently, some have considered video cameras to be a type of security system. A host of companies provide these mostly Wi-Fi-enabled cameras to record activity in and around a home. Again, this technology can be a valuable part of an overall home safety plan.

In reality, a quality security system designed to protect your property involves a multifaceted approach. This can include alarms and cameras, but other vital measures can enhance your system and help reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of crime. Additional considerations for keeping your property safe should include Neighborhood Watch and MyPropertyID.

Neighborhood Watch as Part of a Security System

For nearly a half-century, Neighborhood Watch has been instrumental in preventing crime and protecting communities from harm. In essence, neighbors become part of the home security system. Neighborhood Watch has grown beyond keeping an eye on each other’s homes. It has developed into a partnership with local law enforcement and other officials to include the community in crime prevention and awareness initiatives.

The exchange of information about crime trends and the latest preventative methods have become a vital part of vigorous Neighborhood Watch programs. Meetings, newsletters, emails, and the ever-effective casual conversation between neighbors have proven an effective part of preventing crime and keeping communities safe.

My Property ID Registry’s Role in a Robust Security System

While no security system can guarantee a complete defense against theft, the use of MyPropertyID does offer both deterrence and property recovery protection. Often, stolen items are sold or traded through some version of a black market or at unscrupulous pawn shops. My Property ID Registry aids in making these illegal transactions more difficult, thereby deterring the theft in the first place. Building on the principals of Operation ID and providing an easy way to identify the owner of stolen items, MyPropertyID is, in essence, a security system for individual pieces of property.

Each of the measures mentioned serves a function in the larger goal of increasing safety and reducing victimization. The advantages of a multiple deterrent and criminal apprehension approach become clear when examined in their totality. Alarms, cameras, Neighborhood Watch, and MyPropertyID work to complement one another as vital components of a comprehensive security system.

*Thomas Raulen is a freelance writer specializing in public safety, government affairs, and community engagement. He is also a 27-year law enforcement practitioner, an adjunct professor of criminal justice, and a police academy instructor. Thomas is a twice graduate of the University of Central Florida.


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