MyPropertyID works worldwide and ships worldwide. It’s interesting that in the age of the internet, it’s difficult for some people to fathom this. One of the most fundamental and early developments of the internet, beginning in the 1990s, is what makes our product function globally.

License Plates

Whether you call it a registration plate, number plate or license plate, they all work the same way. The procedure differs in various parts of the world, but the underlying internet-based strategy is the same.

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is welded in place when a car is manufactured. The corresponding alphanumeric string is entered into databases. These are ultimately tied to your contact information in your home district. Finally, a license plate is issued tying everything together.

Node to Node connectivity

Anyone who has ever used Craigslist is aware of a feature where you can email another person through a proxy server. By doing this, your identity is scrubbed, but you can still freely communicate.

Somewhat related to this is another feature called node-to-node data transfer. This is the coding strategy that is widely used on the internet to connect Point A to Point B.

Beyond the Nation-State

License plates are typically tied to a nation, state, province, territory or some other administrative district. But behind the scenes, all the motor vehicle licensing and registration databases of the world are tied together by law enforcement agencies.

MyPropertyID is tied only to our web address. It is a privacy-protected, global database that is only accessible by you. It cannot be searched by the police. But like the way a license plate can be traced by the police, a finder of your lost property can anonymously trace a found item back to you.

If You Are a Victim of a Crime

When the MyPropertyID security system arrives in the mail, your part in the process begins. While the numbers on the ID tags are tied to your email and mailing address, it is now up to you to take the next step by adhering your tags to items, and entering the make, model and serial numbers on the database.

Have you been a victim of a crime? Like all good citizens, we hope you will file a police report. It’s important to have at the ready, the make, model, serial number and MyPropertyID tag number to give to law enforcement. They, in turn, copy and paste the information into their global databases.


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