Onetime-cost security systems are very rare. They are often fragile electronics that use inferior manufacturing techniques and inexpensive overseas labor. And to add insult to injury, somehow there are always recurring and hidden charges, too. With the MyPropertyID strategy, you pay just once and our product will outlast the items it’s affixed to. No strings attached. No kidding!

Keeping Prices Low

One of the ways MyPropertyID keeps prices low is that we are not tied to investors or stockholders who expect a piece of the action. Virtually every product you purchase has money added to the price in order to pay investors and stockholders. When you purchase the MyPropertyID system, you are investing in your own safety and the safety of your community. You are also supporting technologically advanced, local businesses.

Inexpensive but Effective

MyPropertyID takes advantage of the most fundamental and least expensive features of the internet: the ability to instantly connect any two devices anywhere on the planet and to instantly access global databases. If an item is lost, the finder can easily connect it back to you. If you are a victim of a crime, you give the police the make, model and serial numbers of stolen items. The police then upload that information to their global databases.

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