MyPropertyID is a low-cost security system for individuals, homeowners and small businesses that provides police with the critical information they need to arrest and convict criminals. MyPropertyID is a police-accepted enhancement of a police-endorsed security system called Operation Identification. For this reason, MyPropertyID is superior to video doorbells, security cameras and alarms systems. Not only that, MyPropertyID is a one-time cost security system with no monthly fees. It’s a cheap security system, mailed at no extra cost in the United States and around the world.​

Inexpensive and Police Accepted

MyPropertyID​ is a modernized and enhanced version of what law enforcement professionals have been recommending to citizens for over 55 years, called Operation Identification—​the forgotten companion to Neighborhood Watch. MyPropertyID​ has other added features as well.

It’s a one-time cost security system. That means no recurring fees. It’s a single charge for the life of the valuables the MyPropertyID​ security system is used on. There is no monthly billing and no hidden fees. MyPropertyID is an inexpensive security system that ships for free nationwide. It also ships for free worldwide to any country with reliable mail service.

No Terms of Service

There are no terms of service to agree to before ordering the MyPropertyID security system.​​ ​​The strategy is supported entirely through customers’ orders. MyPropertyID​ does not make any extra money by exploiting the information customers enter into our secure databases.

Customers’ data cannot be searched by law enforcement agencies except in very serious cases where a court subpoena forces compliance. It’s up to MyPropertyID customers to file a police report if a crime has been committed. If customers’ property is ever lost or stolen but falls into the hands of the authorities or Good Samaritans, MyPropertyID provides a web-based, privacy-protected method for the safe return of valuables.​

Support the Police

To be supportive of the police, citizens should always keep a cloud-based record of serial numbers, mark all portable valuables with globally unique numbers, and post warning signs on doors and windows. Without this strategy in place, there is very little that law enforcement professionals can do to solve burglaries and thefts or arrest and convict criminals. MyPropertyID makes it easy, online, private and global.

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