MyPropertyID has become a member of a Washington D.C. think tank and trade association called the Asset Leadership Network. “Simply, asset management helps organizations realize greater value from their [matériel], and impacts the financial and operational performance of the enterprise.”

Individuals, businesses and governments are very protective of their money and how it is accounted for, but the possessions purchased with that money are not always as well managed throughout their lifecycle.

MyPropertyID focuses on giving individuals, families, small businesses and tiny municipalities some level of control over their possessions. But it is also important to understand that MyPropertyID is guided by the same global standards for matériel management as the biggest players on the world stage. And that we all share something in common captured in ISO55000.

While many of you may have never thought much about how all the stuff we own is accounted for, there is a niche industry that really cares about it and I am proud to be a part of it.

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