2020 was the year MyPropertyID explored the blogosphere and either traded security kits or hired product reviewers to examine our strategy. MyPropertyID is interested in getting our product in front of as many people as possible, but the other benefit is that we are able to learn new perspectives about ways people interact with our product.

2020 Reviews

Our Whiskey Lullaby
MyPropertyID is the Best Home Security System for 2021 Sept 29, 2020

Life With KT Kinnes
MyPropertyID—My Thoughts and Experience August 26, 2020

God 4 B and Me
Safe and Secure With My Property ID July 15, 2020

Boys on a Budget: Raising Gentlemen & Living Fabulous on a Budget
Win a MyPropertyID Registry Kit July 13, 2020

I Beat Debt: For All Things Money
Secure Your Property With My Property ID July 13, 2020

Two Some Life
Safeguard Your Valuables With My Property ID Registry July 13, 2020

Missy’s Product Reviews
MyPropertyID Review & Giveaway July 12, 2020

Life of 2 Snowbirds: Living the Good Life on a Retirement Budget
How to Easily Protect Your Property While Traveling July 6, 2020

Glorious Sunrise
My Property ID Registry—Security Kit Review June 26, 2020

Our Whiskey Lullaby
Interview With the Owner of My Property ID Registry May 25, 2020

Our Whiskey Lullaby
Keep Your Items Safe With My Property ID Registry April 30, 2020

Sir Happy Gamer
My Property ID Registry Unboxing and Setup April 15, 2020

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