The primary purpose of serial numbers is for quality control in a manufacturing setting, but serial numbers have a role to play beyond the factory floor when the final product ends up in the hands of consumers. This is the case with a VIN on a motor vehicle. The VIN serves two purposes.

Serial Numbers Serve Two Purposes

ISO 3779 and ISO 4030 determine the makeup and location of VINs affixed to motor vehicles. Unfortunately, when it comes to the serial numbers on other manufactured items, determining what the serial number is can be a daunting task.

Find the Serial Number on this STIHL Battery Charger

Here’s a trick question. The STIHL battery charger has many numbers on it, but none of them are serial numbers.

STIHL Serial Numbers Are 9-Digits Long

All modern STIHL products use a 9-digit number as the serial number. Find it and you are ready to go. Enter your 9-digit serial number on the MyPropertyID database right next to the corresponding tag number and you are all set in case any of your items are ever lost or stolen.

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