Law enforcement agencies around the globe recommend that property be marked in such a way that it can be traced back to the rightful owners and then used as evidence to convict offenders. Virtually none of the current strategies being employed in The United States today will lead to convictions.

Etching Clinics

Police departments are holding clinics in partnership with muffler shops to etch an identification number into catalytic converters, but the question is, What number should be etched?

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department says the catalytic converter should be etched with the last eight digits of the VIN.

The Elk Grove Police Department says the catalytic converter should be be etched with your license plate number.

Neither is Correct

We live in a globally interconnected world. Every nation, state, province and territory the world over has license plates, too, so there must be duplicates. And an 8-digit number that resembles the last eight digits of a VIN just doesn’t cut it. Neither are globally unique.

Virtually every law enforcement professional has at their fingertips, the most sophisticated tracing system there is. It is the global databases that link a VIN to a license plate. VINs are 17-character alphanumeric strings and license plates are around 7-character alphanumeric strings, plus a state name. These are massive numbers: IOWA G3G-7633 LJCPCBLCX11000237

Property Must Be Uniquely Marked

You really shouldn’t use a VIN or license plate number together because they are very long and are already being used for motor vehicles identification. Remember, a good lawyer can find a problem with that.

The MyPropertyID unique identification number (UIN), tied to our uniform identification system (UIS) is the global state of the art. Because of the way the internet works, we are a private registry that ties out tag numbers to the rightful owner the instant the order is submitted.

After an order is placed, all a user has to do is log into their account and enter the make, model and serial number of the catalytic converter. Then etch our shortened URL with the corresponding 8-digit tag number: ########

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