How many times have you found a set of keys, a cellphone, a tablet, a laptop, a wallet or even a dog and really wished you could easily, conveniently and safely get it back to the rightful owner? It would seem there’s no simple solution, but there is a way if the owner of the item takes a few simple steps to safeguard their belongings.

Grocery Reward Cards

Some of you might remember when video stores rented VCRs and DVDs. Back then, you’d be issued a small membership card for your keyring that would be scanned at checkout. The same is true today with supermarket reward cards that are also scanned at checkout. Let’s say you found a set of keys with one of those tags. All you have to do is take it to the store and the manager can scan the information and call the person on the account.

Internet-Traceable Tags

My Property ID Registry skips a step by giving the finder of a lost item a way to send a privacy-protected message directly to the rightful owner of an item without revealing any personal information. By going to the FOUND page of our website and entering the number of the recovered item, a message is automatically sent to the email address on file. Leave the item in a safe place for the person to retrieve.


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