Travel security is important if you’re just going around the corner or to another part of the world. While people are often fearful of physical attacks, the greatest risk both here and abroad is the same: property crimes. And the second greatest risk: property losses. So protecting yourself against theft and loss are the best starting points.

A Security System That Works Worldwide

Imagine if your property is stolen anywhere on the planet and the local authorities have a simple way to arrest criminals and return your property. Imagine if your property is lost anywhere on the planet and Good Samaritans have a simple way to return your property. That’s what My Property ID Registry does. All a person needs to do is visit the FOUND page on our website and follow the prompts.

The Tags and Warning Signs Are a Deterrent

My Property ID Registry
tags are designed to be a warning. Put yourself into the shoes of a professional pickpocket in Athens, Greece, or a petty thief in Athens, Georgia USA. No matter what language you speak, a warning sign with a number affixed to your valuables is a red flag for a thief. And if you are traveling locally, domestically or abroad, the larger warning signs are a plus as well.

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