It’s back-to-school time. Nowadays, it really doesn’t matter how old students are, they are carrying valuable electronics and riding expensive bicycles. While there are a great many ways to secure portable property, there is one strategy that is widely overlooked that police departments wish you would use.

Technology Overconfidence

For millennia, humans have mythologized the technology that surrounds them. In our current electronic age, security cameras, alarm systems and video doorbells are products that don’t always work as promised. The same goes for products like Tile, AirTag and other GPS tracking equipment. Police warehouses are stuffed with recovered stolen property that can’t be reunited with the rightful owners.

Operation Identification

Most people don’t realize that the most powerful security system is the way motor vehicles are registered and how the rightful owners are then issued license plates. Only about 5% of all stolen property is ever returned, but motor vehicles have an average recovery rate of 60%. Operation ID was developed to be a D.I.Y. version of registering serial numbers and tagging property.

The State of the Art of Operation ID

My Property ID Registry is the state of the art of Operation ID. It’s a private, D.I.Y version of the way departments of motor vehicles work. It’s simple to do. Just order a kit and the numbered tags that arrive in the mail are already tied to your account. In other words, the tag numbers are globally traceable on our website. Next, record the serial numbers of the tagged item (not the tag numbers) on your privacy protected database. If you are ever the victim of a crime, the police will need the tag and serial numbers when you file a report.

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