My Property ID Registry has been in business for over five years and remains a small but strong part of the home and small business security sector. Every type of security strategy has strengths and weaknesses. That’s why security experts recommend a layered approach using multiple strategies. We are glad to fill a void that has only been available to the largest institutions.

Our Staying Power

My Property ID Registry has stayed in business for one central reason. We provide an exceptional product at a low price that ships and works worldwide. Our product has no subscription fees or hidden costs, and it works for the life of the product. Lastly, not one police department reviewing the product has voiced any objections because our product faithfully enhances the police-endorsed Operation ID strategy.

How Consumers Find Us

My Property ID Registry has tried a great many types of marketing campaigns, but in the end, having a professionally created website, a consistent presence on social media, the routine writing of blogs with unique content, professional associations that help spread the word, and short videos describing our services is enough for consumers to find us and place orders with confidence.

Press Coverage

My Property ID Registry press coverage has been limited to smaller markets, but the internet makes any coverage global. It’s our goal to get coverage from a larger media outlet, but we are pleased that about once a year, someone asks for an interview.

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