We are not starting to do product reviews. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate that more expensive, technologically advanced consumer products like ultrasonic humidifiers are not necessarily better than less expensive, old-fashioned technology like steam vaporizers.

Dry Winter and Humid Summers

In our part of the world, the summers are humid and the winters are dry, so the idea of warm vapor in the colder months makes sense because the furnace doesn’t have to work to heat the cool mist of a humidifier. But there is more to this simple calculation. When it comes to ultrasonic humidifiers, there is more to consider.

Health Concerns of Cool-Mist Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a technology that aerosolizes the water in the tank. This means that anything dissolved in the water—bacteria, chemicals, minerals, mold—will be pulverized into an airborne mist, containing everything suspended in the water. This is not a problem if you are committed to keeping your cool-mist humidifier clean. Consumer Reports magazine provides cleaning instructions.

Steam Vaporizers Are Safer to Breathe

It’s important to note that steam is potentially dangerous. Every website warns that children can burn their fingers on the hot steam. Parents must take the right precautions. But most websites also agree that the simpler, low-tech strategy of putting steam into the air has fewer health risks when breathed in.


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