There is a social movement afoot where more and more people are moving away from intrusive, “smart” technologies, and moving closer to clever technologies that provide users with an acceptable level of service at a much lower price.

Dumbphones Are Making a Comeback

According to this article in the BBC, more and more teens are plagued by the intrusiveness of smartphones. As a result, “dumbphones,” with minimal capabilities such as calls and text, are making a comeback.

Low Tech Magazine

There’s even a publication called Low Tech Magazine that “underscores the potential of past and often forgotten technologies….”

“Smart” Means Expensive

Smart technology companies make money in three ways.

  • Because your smart tech is linked to the internet, the company learns things about you that they can sell to marketing companies
  • Most smart technology companies charge a monthly subscription
  • The initial cost is high because of fragile electronics that tie the product to the internet
120-Year-Old Technology

My Property ID Registry uses a combination of old technologies in new ways. There is just one, low cost for our product with no recuring fees. There is no additional charge for shipping and our product works worldwide.

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