The best alternative home security system is the one the police have been recommending for decades called Operation ID. It might seem counterintuitive, but do you know what the best security system is? It’s the way motor vehicles are registered and licensed. Operation ID is a private, D.I.Y. version of this powerful strategy.

High-Tech Security Systems Don’t Work as Promised

Whether we’re talking about security cameras, alarm systems or video doorbells, none of them fully work as a promised. It’s true, they might lead to an arrest, but without a record of the serial numbers proving you own the item, there is not enough for a conviction and you probably won’t get you stolen property returned.

Go With My Property ID Registry

My Property ID Registry is the state of the art of Operation ID. It is an internet-based enhancement of Operation ID, making it more akin to a privacy-protected license tag that has the capability of being traced back to you worldwide. My Property ID Registry is also an internet-accessible registry for accessing the make, model and serial numbers of your portable valuables if you ever need to file a crime report with the police.



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