Tracing technology is a great security system for digital nomads. While tracking tech like Find My iPhone and Tile seem like great solutions, the police and concerned citizens benefit from the visual cues when you implement the latest tracing tech.

Tracing Tech

Tracing technology is a 120-year-old strategy that requires no power source. Think of a motor vehicle license plate or an asset tag on a piece of institutional property. The front-end technology is a state or organizational name associated with a unique alphanumeric string.

Tracing Tech Tied to the Internet

What is little understood is that the backend technology consists of associated records of the make, model and serial numbers, tied to the asset tag number. In 1900, that record would have been stored in old-fashioned card catalogs in a centralized location. Beginning in 1995, those records would become internet based.

Private Tracing Tech

My Property ID Registry is state of the art tracing tech for individuals, homeowners and small businesses. The asset tag numbers that are mailed to you are already tied to your account, so all you need to do is apply a tag to an item and enter the make, model and serial numbers in our database. In the event of a crime, that’s the information the police need.

Our product has the added benefit that the instant you order, your tag numbers are tied to your privacy-protected account on our website. That way, lost or stolen items with the tag still affixed can be returned securely by concerned citizens and the authorities, using our specialized contact page.


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