When traveling in the United States or abroad, there are simple ways to protect yourself against pickpockets. It’s so important to take proactive steps to prevent being a victim of a property crime. It’s also important to have the tools to help the police and Good Samaritans if something is ever stolen or lost.

Keep Your Portable Valuables in Front of You

Anything that is not directly in front of you is at risk of being pickpocketed. If you are wearing loose-fitting clothing with front pockets, you are also at risk. It’s also important to display a warning sign that the items you carry are very easy for the police to trace to the rightful owner.

What to Do if You’re a Victim

Most travel experts will tell you to file a police report, but being able to provide the authorities with the serial numbers of the affected items is critical as well. For the Good Samaritans among us, making it as easy as possible to reunite lost or stolen property with its rightful owner is also critical.

Worst holiday spots for pickpockets
  1. Las Ramblas, Barcelona
  2. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  3. Trevi Fountain, Rome
  4. Charles Bridge, Prague
  5. Sacre-Coeur, Paris
  6. Colosseum, Rome
  7. Old Town Square, Prague
  8. Louvre, Paris
  9. Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris
  10. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
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