A gate tag is what rural residents use to identify ranches, farms and remote pieces of property. A gate tag can also protect second homes. At My Property ID Registry (MPIDR), we provide a privacy-protected, one-way communication system where law enforcement or concerned citizens can send a message to the owner of the gate tag.

Contact Page

One of the most basic features of a website is its contact page. “A webform…or HTML form on a webpage allows a user to enter information that is sent to a server for processing.” When a person submits information via a webform, they don’t know who the recipient is. This provides a layer of protection for the person receiving the message. HTML form – Wikipedia

MPIDR Found Page

While My Property ID Registry has a traditional contact page, we also have a FOUND page for entering our tag numbers. The sender does not know who the tag belongs to, but the information entered is routed to the rightful owner. Our security team also reviews these communications for wire fraud and will not hesitate to involve law enforcement if wrongdoing is suspected. Mail and wire fraud – Wikipedia

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