Operation Identification (Operation ID) has been a fixture of the Boy Scouts since the first crime-prevention, merit-badge booklet was published in 1996, and most recently revised in 2020. Along with Neighborhood Watch and calling 911 in an emergency, Operation ID is the only police-endorsed security system. Merit badge (Boy Scouts of America) – Wikipedia

The 1997 Edition

“Operation Identification is a program of marking personal property with unique identifying numbers to make identification possible if the items are lost or stolen. This program aids the police in identifying your valuables. People who mark their property have a greater chance of getting it back if it’s stolen. Operation ID also deters burglars by making it more difficult to sell stolen goods and by increasing burglars’ chances of arrest.”

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The 2006 Edition

“Most burglaries are committed by beginners, and the typical burglar is a male teenager who lives in or near the neighborhood. Burglaries most often occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. because those the hours families are usually away from home.”

This is an old blog post: Scouts of America Support Operation ID – My Property ID Registry

What’s Missing

Much to the chagrin of the companies that manufacture and market security cameras, alarm systems and video doorbells, not one word is mentioned about any of these strategies in the Scout’s crime-prevention, merit-badge booklet. What is discussed is the value of Operation ID, dialing 911 in a true emergency, Neighborhood Watch, securing doors and windows, and keeping bushes cut back.

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