The radio revolutionized crime fighting —

As a teenager, I had a police officer as a mentor. He used to joke that the police could travel at the speed of light because of the two-way radio. That was in the 1970s and communication technology has improved markedly since then. When I review websites that offer suggestions for improving home and small business security, there is never any mention of the value of an inventory system as a crime fighting tool. There’s a certain irony in this as many home and small business security blog posts are written by insurance companies and insurance consultants.

A simple inventory does the trick

Insurance companies urge homeowners and business owners to inventory valuables in the event of a loss, but none of them have seen the value of linking these inventories to a crime fighting strategy. My Property ID Registry does just this in a patent-pending way. It takes a proven strategy developed by the police over 50 years ago and migrates it to the web using miniaturized enterprise-level, asset management technology. My system empowers individuals, families and small businesses. It does so with a proven and highly durable, visible and robust crime fighting tool using a low-tech strategy that travels at the speed of light.

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