A simple security system with over 50 years of proven use —

We sell a single product. It is an anti-theft security system that arrives in an envelope, but is tied to your online account the instant your order is placed. It has no electronics or moving parts. It is a system that dates back over 50 years, but is still recommended by the police. It includes:

  • warning stickers for doors, windows, and portable devices
  • uniquely numbered asset tags like universities have on the back of every piece of property
  • a database where the make, model and serial numbers are recorded
Migration to the internet offers privacy-protected connectivity

If you lose a marked piece of property, a Good Samaritan can reunite you with it through the FOUND page of our website. If the property is stolen, you report the crime and give the police the serial numbers which are then entered into their databases at the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

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