What the National Property Management Association Is saying —

The National Property Management Association (NPMA)  states, “Throughout the month of March, Asset Management Awareness Month urges businesses and organizations to learn how improved asset and property management practices can contribute to the overall mission and revenue goals of their organization” LINK. Go into any corporate, government or university offices and turn a computer monitor around. You’ll see an ID tag. That is the tip of the spear of a very sophisticated system called Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

What MyPropertyID is saying

At MyPropertyID, we want citizens to have the same level of technology with our DIY security kit. Our system is a miniaturized version (mEAM) of what large institutions use to manage all their equipment. The difference is that our system is tailored for individuals, homeowners and small businesses. Our product works worldwide, has a onetime cost and ships for free. No kidding! You get ID tags, warning signs and international access to your database.

What MyPropertyID does for you.

Have you ever left your keys or phone in a cab, bar or plane and wished there was a way for someone to contact you? Have you ever been the victim of a burglary or theft and wished there was a simple way to protect your valuables from being sold at a pawn shop or on Craigslist? Have you wondered whether there is a low-cost security system that doesn’t bill you every month? Our system is a practical way to assist Good Samaritans and the police in returning lost or stolen items.


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