What is proxy-marking?

In the computer industry, a proxy server is a go-between between two computers. When you proxy-mark your property, our service acts as a privacy-protected go-between between you and the police or a Good Samaritan. Proxy-marking your property is an important tool that protects your identity while still allowing the finder of stolen or lost property to easily communicate with you through our website.

Having your name, address and phone number on portable items like a cell phone, key fob or laptop, invites trouble.

Methods for proxy-marking

There are multiple ways to mark your property. You can engrave your driver’s license number into valuables which a criminal can grind out. You can use a permanent marker and write your driver’s license number on an item, or you can do the same with invisible ink that can only be seen using a black light, both of which can be rubbed out. You can use a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag like dogs and cats have injected between their shoulders, or even use a quick response (QR) or bar code system.

In all of the above cases, only the police can reunite you with lost property or you need expensive tools not readily available or you have to install inconvenient cell phone apps.

In most cases, our product links you back, anonymously, to your property without the police having to get involved or the need for special gear.

Asset tags with industrial adhesive and an armored surface

The commercial-grade proxy tags used in our system are not easily removed. They are armored on the surface and use an industrial adhesive on back. They are similar to the registration tags you adhere to a license plate or on the inside of a car window. The numbers are large enough to be read with the naked eye and are easily entered into the FOUND page of our website.

A free database for the lifetime of your products

But there’s another tool associated with our product that greatly aids the police. Each proxy tag you receive in the mail is tied to our free database where you enter the make, model and serial number of your items. It’s not the proxy tags the police need if you are a victim of a theft or burglary. It’s a police report containing the serial numbers of your items. That’s the key tool the police need to build a case and reunite you with stolen property.

Being caught with marked property is like being caught with marked money

If the police should catch a thief red-handed with stolen items with our proxy tags on them, the cops can potentially use our system too to communicate with the rightful owner instantaneously and make an arrest right on the spot.

Let’s not forget. Each security kit comes with warning signs for windows and doors. Burglars and thieves aren’t that stupid. They know that being caught with registered and marked property will put them in jail or prison. If they see the warning signs on your house, apartment, dorm room or small business, they’ll go elsewhere.


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