Summertime—warm weather, time outdoors and relaxing with family and friends. If only peace of mind were as easy as a cool breeze on a warm summer day.

Burglaries and thefts also occur

Unfortunately, summertime is also a time when thieves are busy while we are relaxing or away from home on vacation. Items like lawn mowers, trimmers, power tools, outdoor sound systems and grills get stolen. Every one of these valuable items are marked with manufacturer’s serial numbers that the police urgently need to recover your items as well as bring thieves to justice. The police recover property in the millions nationwide that can’t be returned because citizens have no record of the serial numbers to attach to a crime report. The MyPropertyID system not only makes it easy to register your items but is one of the most affordable theft recovery and loss prevention systems on the market.

Police need serial numbers to fight crime

Just like with motor vehicles, registering the serial numbers of items thieves target is an important step for getting back stolen items. The police need those serial numbers from your privacy-protected account ASAP after a crime, so the information can be entered into their databases. You can print it out or even email the information and they inturn enter the information into their global databases at the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

Pawnshops and police check serial numbers

By providing this valuable information, if the police, anywhere in the country and beyond, stumble onto stolen property or execute a search warrant, then the identity of the rightful owner is easily discovered. The same is true with pawn shops and other resellers. They are obligated to verify that the items are not stolen by checking the police databases too. The serial numbers are a powerful crime fighting tool in the hands of the police.

ID tags make it so convenient to return lost property

Our system has the added benefit that it is the simplest, easiest and low tech way to get back items that you might lose at the pool, lake, on a plane and on summer vacations because the ID tags you affix to items (not to be confused with the underlying serial number you record on the database) aids the authorities and Good Samaritans by providing a simple web-based lost and found for the return of keys, key fobs, cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops. Even passports and any other valuable you might accidentally leave behind.

Find more information on how you can protect your valuables at Protect your property with the MyPropertyID system and provide yourself with the summertime peace of mind you deserve.

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