This wonderful 6-foot chalk drawing was created by a very talented incarcerated offender at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchelleville, Iowa, where our conference, the Iowa Statewide Forum On Public Safety, was held. Additionally, the lunchtime tour was very interesting, and we enjoyed sharing our meal with the inmates.

Calling for new approaches to public safety

The Iowa Statewide Forum On Public Safety was designed to be an interdisciplinary effort to bring new crime-prevention solutions to the attention of law enforcement professionals.

When universities, corporations and municipal governments tag and register property, they are putting into practice the very strategy that had been developed by the police in 1963 and then rolled out nationally by the Unites States Dept. of Justice in 1979.

Dubbed Operation Identification, the strategy just never caught on at the consumer level because it used to be very inconvenient. Miniaturizing the strategy has been impossible until now. In the age of the internet, it’s a much simpler process.

Reinventing a forgotten crime-fighting strategy

Property crimes in the United States are a scourge. There are millions of crimes against property and this doesn’t include loss of property. It is thought that less than half of property crimes are even reported to the police. Only 10% of property crimes are solved. Through a broad-based, team effort, this grim statistic can be improved.

This forgotten loss- and theft-recovery strategy has seen a resurgence because it is proven to fight crime. In fact, the Europeans are way ahead of us in this new industry segment called “proxy-marking.”

There are even global standards guiding the physical and virtual aspects of the approach to improve the odds of recovery.

Cracking the code

We live in an age of disruptive technology. Without getting into the weeds, My Property ID has leapfrogged the competition and advanced the state of the art. Our private-sector solution to a nagging problem of property crimes against individuals, homeowners and small businesses is taking a simple technology and racing ahead of the curve. We have taken the old-fashioned Operation Identification strategy and turned it into a global lost and found, property recovery and crime-prevention tool.

The system arrives in the mail as a simple D.I.Y. and is linked to your privacy-protected, global database the moment you order. But like seatbelts and smoke alarms, the system has to be implemented by consumers. It must be a team effort.

The goal of My Property ID to partner with law enforcement professionals and citizens to bring down property crimes and help victims of theft recover their valuables.

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