Did you know there are some basic guidelines that go along with registering and securing your personal property, such as laptops, TVs, power tools, lawn equipment, cell phones, etc?  It has never been easier or more secure to do so than with My Property ID.

Here is the 1 – 2 – 3 of properly registering your personal property

1). Post warning signs: just like with cameras and alarms systems

2). Register serial numbers: the one thing the police need

3). Mark property: an extra layer of security and a lost & found

You can do it the old-fashioned way, but why? It has never ever been easier than using our system. Store your serial numbers securely in the cloud. With our system we provide all three things the police require to make it secure. We also make it super simple. Who doesn’t love simple? Too busy? Well, criminals hope you are too busy.

Law enforcement officials and your insurance company pray you take a few minutes to do this. Why? Without a record of the serial numbers there are no solutions to help you. Serial numbers recorded securely is the only thing the police can use to properly solve the crime. Without the serial numbers, kiss your stuff good-bye forever.

And remember, your insurance company might not be as generous as you think. Register and secure your valuables and your insurance company says “You’re a responsible policy holder.” Don’t do it and you’ll see your rates rise or your policy canceled.

What’s next? Register your property!

Much like putting on your seatbelt in the car, registering your property is a critical preventative measure. Not only may it deter theft in the first place, but, should a crime occur, having your property securely registered with MyPropertyID will assist in holding those thieves accountable.

As for your stuff? Having your property registered increases your chance to recover your belongings. MyPropertyID is one of the most affordable and effective loss and theft prevention tools on the market.

Buy your kit here.

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