The old signs are nothing more than a sign. Boring. Old. Faded. Worthless. Nobody gets it! Much like the poor marketing efforts and messaging of that antiquated campaign. The signs carry zero relevance for today, BUT the concept’s solid and it needs a facelift badly.

What’s my point? I propose a marketing revolution

For a few bucks, all of your neighbors can register their stuff, put a warning sign on the front door and then get a street sign to put up in your neighborhood. This is similar to the way Neighborhood Watch worked. Why do that? Because it is good common sense! Remember in a previous post, the example of the baby in the mom’s lap in the car going 80 miles an hour down the road? Today, that sounds nuts, but it was routine a generation ago.

Let’s think like a criminal for just a seconds

It’s about 10 a.m. in the morning and time for you to go to work. For a burglar, work looks like going to that beautiful suburban neighborhood for prime-time pickings while everyone that lives there is miles away at their job! And you see a sign that says this: “Property in this area has been marked and registered for easy identification by Law Enforcement.” Then you go to a house and see a similar sign where it says the items are also marked and registered. Then you go to the next house. Then the next one and then you just give up and go find easier targets elsewhere. Not that you couldn’t do it for fun—try to play the system—but seriously, what person or criminal wants to go to that much effort? So the burglar just moves on to another street.

You should hope you live on the street where everything is marked and registered

That small journey into the criminal mind makes you think doesn’t it? “But Jon,” you say, “Why does he care that items are registered?” Great question! That is covered in my next blog. For now, let’s focus on the fact he doesn’t want to mess with your stuff. So isn’t it logical to register your valuables? Keep your kids and family members who stay home all day safer. Ask yourself…which street do you want to live on?

Let’s get together and do the right thing

Let’s create the revolution! Let’s replace the old and fading Neighborhood Watch signs with the new updated beautiful lion-face signs of MyPropertyID. Once widely implemented, our online solution and mail-order security kit will lower property crimes and increase convictions. How do I know this? Well, let’s leave that to my next blog.

Until next time

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