A Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) usually works for a large government contractor. The SBLO plays the critical role of helping small businesses successfully win subcontracts. There is a problem though. These small subcontractors must comply with the same burdensome regulations the big companies must follow.

The federal government requires subcontracting

It’s well known that small businesses are a major driver of economic development and job growth in the United States. When the Department of Defense or other agencies do business with large corporations, the contract usually requires that some percentage of the work be farmed out to small businesses.

The Small Business Liaison Officer

The Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) is the intermediary between the large and small businesses, helping both find common ground. In light of the April 30, 2019 DFARS Case 2015-D035, SBLOs must now help small contractors comply with various regulations that require marking property, registering serial numbers and uploading unique individual identifiers (UII) to government databases.

A European concept comes to America

With the advent of the internet, the Loss Prevention Certification Board developed two very important standards: LPS 1224 and LPS 1225. These standards are the underpinnings of the American-based MyPropertyID concept. We’ve taken the strategy to the next level, distilling it down to a mail-order kit that arrives in the mail, yet still completely complying with various federal regulations.

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