On April 30, 2019, the Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DARS), Department of Defense (DoD), posted to the Federal Register a strict interpretation of DFARS 245.107(1)(i) to “require the use of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clause 52.245-1, Government Property, in all purchase orders for repair, maintenance, overhaul, or modification of Government property, regardless of the unit acquisition cost of the items to be repaired.”

DFARS Case 2015-D035

Now that DFARS Case 2015-D035 has been posted to the Federal Register as a settled regulatory requirement, small government contractors and small defense subcontractors are out of compliance. But wait! There’s a solution. The U.S.-based My Property ID Registry asset management strategy will bring small players into compliance. We do this by exceeding the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPSB) Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1224 and 1225.

Don’t cross the DoD or FBI

Every large defense contractor and sizable defense subcontractor must comply with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.245-7001 through 7004 or run the serious risk of having future contracts cancelled by the DoD and possibly having the FBI mount an investigation. Now every small defense contractor and little defense subcontractor must do the same.

Enterprise asset management

Since the advent of the mainframe computer in the 1970s, large institutions have protected themselves through the use of enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. The only hint to the untrained observer of this sophisticated strategy are the tiny, numbered asset tags affixed to property such as computers or printers. It’s a huge industry with big players, but virtually unknown to everybody else.

Miniaturized enterprise asset management

Since the advent of the internet, the EAM strategy has migrated to the web and has now evolved into miniaturized enterprise asset management (mEAM). This brings the same power and control that huge institutions routinely utilize to the fingertips of individuals, homeowners, small businesses and small government contractors. The strategy makes compliance with DFARS Case 2015-D035 a snap.

Order your kit today

As far as we know, My Property ID Registry is the only company based in the United States that complies with these standards. In some respects, we are the global state-of-the-art strategy. For a onetime cost with no recurring fees and free shipping, adopting such a strategy is a no-brainer in the face of crossing DoD regulators and the FBI. Order a sample kit today.

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