Operation ID security systems are superior to the competition for one huge reason. Operation ID security systems are endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the FBI and hundreds of individual law enforcement agencies across the United States, Canada and beyond.

What’s Wrong With the Competition?

Alarm systems, security cameras and video doorbells do not provide the police with the actionable information they most desperately need to convict criminals. Most alarm systems give criminals a five minute lead before sounding. The images from security cameras and video doorbells are often low quality. These systems might very well lead to arrests, but the likelihood of earning convictions are very rare.

 The Number One Crime Category

The most common crimes are burglaries of homes and thefts from outbuildings, small businesses and vehicles. Sadly, many law abiding citizens and law enforcement professionals consider these to be low-level crimes. Property crimes occur in the millions when nobody is around to witness them. A mere 5%-10% of these types of crimes are ever solved, and many property criminals are so brazen that if they are caught red-handed, they attack the victim.

The Best Defense Is Operation ID

Are you aware that the most often solved property crimes are motor vehicle thefts? You’ll also be surprised by the second: livestock. There is an underappreciated security system that helps the police in each case: tagged and registered property. Operation ID was conceived in the 1960s, and rolled out nationally as the companion to Neighborhood Watch. It is a very primitive D.I.Y. for marking and registering the portable valuables that criminal target.

MyPropertyID Takes It to the Next Level

MyPropertyID is the state of the art of Operation ID. MyPropertyID takes Operation ID to the next level. License plates on cars are early 20th century technology, but something happened in the mid 1990s. The backend databases were migrated to the internet. Operation ID was developed in the 1960s and MyPropertyID migrated the backend to the web in the mid 2010s. MyPropertyID is like having a miniaturized license plate on your valuables that criminals target, but easy, online, private and global.

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