is the shortcut to It’s an important feature because the shortened URL is easier to use for labeling or etching valuables, like catalytic converters, without the need for an actual asset tag that would burn off. This way, the item of value can still be traced back to the rightful owner via the FOUND page of the My Property ID Property website.

The Power of Tracing Technology

Departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) and law enforcement professionals collaborate on a daily basis to safely trace millions of license plates. With over 263 million motor vehicles on the road, the police are able to quickly and conveniently identify motor vehicles by linking the license plates to the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) to the licensed driver.

Marked Property Leads to Arrests and Convictions

Because we have collectively, as a society, elected to participate in the routine registration of motor vehicles, approximately 60% of lost and stolen vehicles are ultimately recovered. Those rates would go even higher if motor vehicle manufactures would provide a list of all of the serial numbers of all the parts installed on a specific vehicle.

When it comes to all the other property citizens own that have serial numbers, the rate of record keeping plummets. As a result, approximately 5% of lost and stolen property is ever recovered.

The simple act of marking property, and keeping a record of serial numbers would help greatly in lowering crime rates.

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