The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is the database that every law enforcement professional in the country taps into to either upload new information about crimes or search information about old crimes. In total, these types of transactions occur over a million times a day.

The Power of Serial Numbers

If you are the victim of a property crime, such as a theft, burglary or robbery, one of the most valuable pieces of information you can immediately provide to the police, is the make, model and serial numbers of your stolen valuables. Eyewitness accounts, security cameras and video doorbells do not always provide the police with the information they need.

The Power of MyPropertyID

If you have fully implemented the MyPropertyID security system, you have at your fingertips access to our privacy-protected database containing everything the police need in an emergency. Our system allows you to email the serial numbers of the affected items directly to the law enforcement professional handling your case, who then copies and pastes the information into the NCIC.

Giving Good Samaritans a Fighting Chance

There is a powerful secondary security feature as well. It’s much like the way police search license plates on motor vehicles, but is a private version that works via the internet. Because you are marking property with a uniquely numbered, globally traceable MyPropertyID tag, you are giving God Samaritans the opportunity to reunite you with your property whether it has been lost or stolen.

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