The research behind the CSI effect is most closely associated with how forensic crime shows might affect the outcomes of jury trials. This blog post focuses on what the victims of burglary, theft and loss expect the police to do in the event of this type of crime. …and what the police will not do.
CSI effect – Wikipedia
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Short Staffed and Tight Budgets

Law enforcement agencies operate on very tight budgets and are often short staffed due to a lack of qualified applicants. Just like any overextended public service, police departments and sheriffs’ offices must prioritize where resources are allocated.
Law Enforcement Agencies Are Spread Thin (

Burglary, Theft and Loss

Burglary, theft and loss are important to law enforcement professionals, but these crimes often go on back burners as more high-profile crimes are dealt with. While consumers and even some individual police officers might recommend security cameras, alarm systems or video doorbells, these strategies are not broadly accepted by law enforcement agencies.
Police say Amazon Ring isn’t much of a crime fighter (
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Operation Identification

Operation Identification is the only security system endorsed by the police for use by individuals, homeowners, churches and small businesses. The strategy might seem counterintuitive, but the strategy dovetails with the investigative procedures law enforcement professionals routinely use.
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Plano, Texas, Police Department: Operation ID – YouTube



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