Efficiently allocating time and resources is critical —

Law enforcement agencies are spread thin. Running lean operations to save money for tax payers is critical in this day and age. It’s a very delicate balancing act to make sure law enforcement agencies stay true to the adage, Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. One way law enforcement agencies have stayed ahead of the game is police-community partnerships. By partnering with neighborhoods, the police gain an important crime-fighting tool at a relatively low price.

Duty-bound to protect and serve

Police departments are duty-bound to protect and serve their communities, and to be that thin blue line that separates the bulk of law-abiding citizens from the predators who choose to violate social norms. To be effective, police departments must use data-driven protocols to create a hierarchy of responses. Response rates are dependent on the seriousness of the crime. Even though it might be high-level to you, citizens must be prepared to wait for a response on a low-level crime such as burglary, theft and loss.

Citizen involvement is still not quite there

Many Americans have taken innumerable steps in their personal lives to improve their sense of safety. Some people own guns. Others have dogs. Still others have heavy duty locks, alarms and cameras. There is one thing that the police have been asking citizens to do since the 1960s and 1970s which is rarely complied with: mark your property; record the make, model and serial numbers; and post warning signs on windows and doors.

One tool is missing: Operation ID

Operation ID is the one crime-prevention tool missing from the quiver of police-community partnerships. My Property ID Registry has taken what once was an inconvenient strategy for both citizens and law enforcement and migrated it to the web. My Property ID Registry has modernized Operation ID and made it a DIY with added features only the internet can provide. My Property ID Registry has all the same features as the original Operation ID, but with enhancements for the 21st century.

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