Whether high-profile or low-profile, a criminal case often hinges on a tiny shred of evidence. Even high-profile cases with lots of evidence are difficult to prove in court without the right kind of evidence. Low-profile cases are even harder to prove because without the right kind of evidence, you’re just wasting police time.

Major Misconception

It’s a misconception that security cameras, alarm systems, video doorbells and GPS devices lead to convictions. They don’t! While these strategies might lead to an arrest, in order to earn a conviction, something more is needed to tie a perpetrator to the scene of a crime.
Police say Amazon Ring isn’t much of a crime fighter (nbcnews.com)
False Alarm Reduction Program – Search (bing.com)

Traceable Evidence

One of my favorite stories, when asked what line of work I’m in, came from a bank manager. His branch had been robbed three times. In the first two cases, even with high-definition security cameras and trained eyewitnesses, the perpetrators were found not guilty.

In the third case, about six months after the robbery, in a routine police stop, a suspect was taken into custody with marked money traceable to that branch. It was that tiny shred of evidence that was correlated with the video footage and the eyewitnesses, leading to a conviction.
Overcoming Evidentiary Deficits – My Property ID Registry

What the Police Want

If you are a victim of a property crime like burglary and theft, the police already know that video footage is useless in court. You’ll also be disappointed when they refuse to look for fingerprints and DNA.

There is a solution. The police have been asking citizens for decades to do it.
Operation Identification Police – Search (bing.com)
Operation ID: Plano Police Department – YouTube

  • Mark portable property with a traceable ID number
  • Record the make, model and serial numbers
  • Post warning signs on doors and windows

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