The #9PMRoutine is a Twitter social media hashtag. It is a national reminder by local law enforcement agencies that homes, businesses and motor vehicles should be routinely secured against burglary and theft.

Customizable Messaging

With nearly 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, local police and sheriff’s departments can tailor their #9PMRoutine social-media messaging to focus on local crime trends. This might include messages to reduce catalytic converter thefts, or tips to prevent cars from being broken into.
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Pasco County Sheriff Trademark

Beginning in 2016, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (the county just north of Tampa Bay, Florida) was the first to use the #9PMRoutine hashtag on Twitter social-media posts. In 2019, to protect the hashtag against misuse, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office trademarked the slogan.
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office takes ownership of #9PMROUTINE (

Creative Examples of the #9PMRoutine Hashtag

The #9PMRoutine is a helpful tool for reminding friends and neighbors that basic steps, like locking doors and turning on lights can lower crime rates. Like other crime-prevention tactics, the #9PMRoutine is something any law-enforcement agency, community group or individual can participate in as long as it’s used in a prosocial manner.
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