Alarm systems, security cameras and other high-tech solutions are not always as effective or as convenient as promised. Criminals know they might be arrested, but they also know they’ll never be convicted unless certain measures are in place. That’s the added layer of security you need.

An added layer of security proven to work

Do you sometimes wish you had a security system to keep the bad guys away, but the monthly payments are just too high? Do you sometimes wish you had a burglary deterrent that really keeps criminals away without all the hassle of complicated electronics?

The MyPropertyID system is a onetime cost that never needs to be turned on or off. Install a burglary deterrent that will not just keep the bad guys away, but will also assist the police in solving the crime in the unlikely event one should occur.

The other Neighborhood Watch strategy

Most citizens are familiar with the Neighborhood Watch program, but very few people, except the police, remember the other crime-fighting tool paired with it called Operation Identification. Operation Identification was inconvenient to implement, so it never took off despite the fact that it was such a powerful tool for law enforcement professionals that it was endorsed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriffs Association.

Operation Identification for the internet age

Fast forward to the age of the internet and Operation Identification has been reinvented in the form of a D.I.Y., mail-order kit that contains the same commercial-grade ID tags used by universities, hospitals and corporations to mark the property at risk of theft.

The MyPropertyID kit also includes warning signs for the doors and windows of dorm rooms, apartments, homes, small businesses, outbuildings and utility vehicles. The tough-to-remove ID tags and signs are designed to let criminals know they need to find another target.

The power of serial numbers

The real power of the system, and what the FBI, police and sheriff departments need to arrest and convict criminals, are the serial numbers of the items burglars typically target: cell phones, tablets, laptops, game systems and televisions.

If a crime is committed and your property stolen, our system allows you to rapidly get the serial numbers into the hands of your local law enforcement professionals where they, in-turn, enter the serial numbers into their global databases.

A tool that helps the police solve crimes

This makes selling the stolen items at legitimate pawn shops or other resellers impossible. You’ll also be surprised to learn that the police serve search warrants all the time and find items that are usually impossible to trace back to the rightful owners because they are not registered.

When you file a police report, it’s the make, model and serial numbers of stolen items that that authorities want and need. Often, criminals are not convicted due to lack of evidence that ties them to the theft of particular items, but if the police have serial numbers tied to the rightful owner, not only will there be an arrest, but the criminal will be convicted.

The lost & found feature

With so many electronics in our possession, items of value get lost or misplaced with regularity. When they are found, it is often impossible to figure out who the items belong to. Again, electronic devices have their place, but batteries run dry and power sources can be switched off.

As long as the ID tag is not removed, the power of Good Samaritans to reunite you with lost or even stolen property increases dramatically. It may be tough in today’s world to keep from being cynical, but here are many, many more good people in this world than bad. The system works.