The gateways crimes being discussed in this blog are felonies. We’re talking about burglary and theft of homes and businesses. These gateway crimes are committed by youthful offenders—teenagers and young adults—who have taken a giant step to another, more dangerous, level of criminality.

What We’re Not Talking About

We’re not talking about gateway drug use or gateway shoplifting. We’re not talking about gateway gang initiations or gateway vandalism. We’re not talking about gateway criminal mischief or graffiti. These are typically misdemeanors.
Gateway drug effect – Wikipedia
Animal Cruelty as a Gateway Crime (

On the Cusp of Violent Crimes

Burglary and theft rise to the level felonies because of the danger to potential victims who perpetrators presume to be away from the home or to be fast asleep. Residential burglary, in particular, is potentially the most dangerous because of the chances that there will be a confrontation.
How police underestimate break-ins as gateway crimes for sex predators (

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems Don’t Cut It

Overall, property crime rates are down in the Unites States, but tell that to the over three million yearly victims and the over 200,000 victims who have been assaulted or worse when they interrupt a property crime in progress.
Victimization During Household Burglary (

Operation Identification is the Answer

Operation ID was developed in the 1960s and embraced by law-enforcement agencies throughout the 1970s and 1980s. It was ultimately embraced by the U.S. Department of Justice and disseminated nationally.
GGD-79-54 Department of Justice Should Explore the Feasibility of a Uniform Identification System for Marking Personal Property (

The strategy is still actively supported by many law-enforcement agencies and the National Sheriffs’ Association, but it is rarely promoted.
Operation Identification Police – Search (
Operation ID – National Neighborhood Watch Institute

My Property ID Registry

My Property ID Registry is a police-accepted enhancement of Operation Identification. Our security kits have been ordered and reviewed by dozens of law-enforcement agencies nationwide.
Operation Identification Modernized – My Property ID Registry


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